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Mentoring Without Borders

Mentoring without borders project is all about supporting each other independent of where we live.

There are three components of this project.

1. Every week, we post opportunities for fellowships, scholarships and new vacancies through our social media. The easiest way to keep yourself updated is to subscribe to our twitter account @PIAInc or search through using hashtag #mentoringwithoutborders.

2. In addition, you can contact us for support in your research projects, finding supervisors or examiners.

3. For overseas Pakistanis, all we need is to let us know if you are planning to visit Pakistan during holidays and would like to spare some time to assist students and academics through a workshop, a short course or even a talk/Q & A session. We will be delighted to link you with the institutions that could benefit from your experience.


Opportunities for Supervision


Dr. Ghulam Mubashar Hassan

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition


Dr. Zarrin S Siddiqui 

Health Professions Education, Medical Education, Faculty Development, Mental Health, Multiculturalism, Gender Issues










Winthrop Professor Marc Tennant



International Research Collaborative–Oral Health and Equity, School of Human Sciences, The University of Western Australia


Adjunct Professor James Cook University | Adjunct Professor Bond University

Adjunct Professor Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia | Academic Icon, University of Malaya

Marc has been a member of The University of Western Australia academic staff since the early 1990’s having had experience in a number of departments across two Faculties.  In addition, to his role as a Winthrop Professor he is currently the Director (and Founder) of the International Research Collaborative - Oral Health and Equity at UWA. The Collaborative (for over 15 years old now) is a global leader in driving reform particularly focused on marginalisation and addressing health inequality.  Marc has a lifetime focus on addressing issues of equity and justice through reforming health and education.  Marc is acknowledged as the founding driving force in the sub-discipline of rural, remote and Indigenous oral health with national and international awards for his commitment and innovations in the field.  His team is now recognised globally as the leading oral health R&D group in Western Australia and in 2015 and 2016 Marc was the most published Australian in dentistry. Marc remains in the top half dozen dental academics in Australia for impact (h-factor) with 200+ publications and $15-20million in R&D funding over the last 15-20 years.  He and his team hold 8 of the top dozen most cited articles in dentistry in Western Australian history. Marc is a sort-after advisor to governments and institutions across Australia and Internationally and has been at the forefront of structural reform in oral health for nearly two decades.  Currently he is on a number of international bodies including the global working group on quality in dentistry for the World Dental Federation.  His innovations have enhanced access and addressed critical issues in dental education, workforce locally, nationally and internationally.  Marc has received many awards acknowledging this lifetime commitment to the reform agenda; and recently had a café at UWA named in his honour. This world-class group has been acknowledged by WHO within inclusion in its Global Workforce Reform taskforce and Marc has personally be acknowledged for his efforts by the Malaysian government and is a life-Fellow of the Brocher Foundation (a Genève based equity focused think-tank). Marc has served in many executive leadership roles (Dean and Head of School roles) in Dental Schools across Australia.  Marc and the team have many graduate students all over the world and many from graduation have moved to senior roles.  The team focuses on graduate student outcomes that are published in the world peer review literature.  Their students achieve highly winning awards both locally and internationally.  The team is one South-East Asia's largest graduate student groups in their discipline and are proud of their students achievements.

You can also send us an email at if you are exploring other areas for research and we can try to locate a supervisor.

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